I have been working as a freelance designer since 2005 and have worked with a variety of companies, from wood suppliers to a creative agency. I originally specialised in web design but have since moved into print/graphic design, creating logos, adverts and magazine spreads.

Print Design

With a focus on editorial design I have designed magazine pages as well as adverts and signs. I’ve worked as Art Director for Entrepreneur & Investor magazine and have been responsible for looking over the design of several magazines published by Southampton Solent University in my role as an Associate Lecturer there.

My skills in print design include:

  • Creating original artwork
  • Creating/reading flatplans
  • Sub-editing
  • Branding
  • Following house style
  • Image sourcing
  • Creating digital magazines for web and Apple’s Newsstand

For examples of my work have a look at my portfolio.

Web Design

Specialising in SMEs I’m able to offer a range of options for websites, from simple ‘postcard’ websites (just a few pages with static information) to full content management systems where users can update, add and remove pages from their site with no need of technical understanding. My current interest in web design is creating custom WordPress themes for clients, as well as modifying existing themes to better suit their needs.

My skills in web design are:

  • Creating web pages
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media integration
  • Content management
  • WordPress theme creation
  • WordPress theme customisation

To see examples of my work and read testimonials from previous clients take a look at my portfolio.

Copywriting & Sub-editing

Having earned a journalism-related degree I have honed my copywriting and sub-editing skills with knowledge on how to write for a range of audiences across a variety of platforms. This enables me to write copy for either your website or print project if necessary.

You can read a selection of my work on my portfolio.


I lectured at Southampton Solent University from 2011 until 2017. In this role I lead practical sessions with students making magazine pages, as well as teaching design theory.

I also taught web design, freelancing units, digital magazine app design, and offered WordPress master classes.

What they say…

  • The website, content and optimisation has proven to be extremely successful Dean